Dynasty Smalti

This collection of smalti from China is an excellent complement to our high quality Italian smalti. Used in backgrounds or for bridging tones and shades it is a very useful and economical. The colours tend to be less vivid than Italian smalti as the base silica mix if made from recycled glass. The finish tends to be a bit more granular and aerated. If you are doing classic Roman or Byzantine mosaic this product resembles the ancient smalti used hundreds of years ago and will give you an antique appearance. Dynasty Smalti is hand cut and is expected to have slight irregularities in size, shape and finish. Each piece is approximately 18mm x 10mm x 8mm. 100g covers approximately 9cm x 9cm. Dynasty smalti is made from a combination of recycled and new glass and natural oxides. This smalti is easy to cut using a wheeled nipper or sidebiter and can be applied in either direct, indirect or double indirect methods. Use your glue of preference. Smalti can also be embedded in coloured thin-set to eliminate the need for grouting.

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